Signatory of PRI

BOCG has become a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment ("UN PRI") from the beginning of 2022. As a firm believer of Capital for Good, BOCG is devoted to responsible investment and empowers sustainable development of the portfolio companies.

ESG Vision

As an investment firm with strong sectoral expertise, BOCG is a firm believer of Capital for Good and has determined to create positive impacts for companies and society.

The Process of Integrating ESG Factors
in the Investment Process

BOCG has been continually incorporating ESG factors into the investment process to identify and evaluate risks and opportunities. BOCG believe that by investing in companies which operate with high standards of corporate responsibility, BOCG can protect and enhance investment returns for investors. BOCG has been committed to incorporating ESG considerations into its investment process, which consists of screening, due diligence, investment decision, investment agreement, ownership and monitoring, and exit, etc.